This is not your ordinary

Taco Night  

This is a Chef Inspired 

Creative International  Fusion Taco menu

created with only the freshest ingredients, highlighting seasonal fresh foods for a casual menu only fit for the ultimate food lover.  Prepared and Served Al Fresco if preferred with a Chef Inspired Craft Cocktail 

​Chef Specialty Fish Tacos ​

Local Red Snapper Yucatan Style 
Crispy Skinned Whole Filet Filet marinated in Citrus Achiote Chile Garlic sauce

Jicama Watercress Salad 

 Gulf Yellow Edge Grouper
Cajun Cornmeal Fried 

Sweet Pickled Jalepeno Relish 

Key West Pink Shrimp 

Tequila Lime and Garlic Chile Sauce

Guacamole and Shaved Romaine


Ahi Tuna Poke 

Avocado and Ginger Sesame Ponzu 

Shaved Brussel Sprout Slaw 

Poached Atlantic Lobster 

Cherrywood Smoked Bacon, Avocado and Corn 


Chef Melissa's Fresh Guacamole 

Corn Chips 

Taqueria Style Salsa 

Chipotle Spiced 

Queso Fundido 

Chorizo Melted Cheeses and Cervesa

 Gulf Snapper Ceviche 

Mango, Citrus and Chiles 

Sweet Potato Chips 

"People who Love to Eat are Always Good People"

--Julia Child 

Suncoast Cantina 

Taco Con Carne Specialties 

Porterhouse Pork Carnitas 

Braised in Citrus and Garlic and fried Crisp 

Tropical Mango Salsa 

Grilled Cowboy Ribeye Asada

Citrus Garlic Sea Salt Gremolata 

​​Chicken Green Chile 

Shredded in Hatch Green Chile Sauce

 melted Oaxaca cheese 

Classic Ground Beef 

​Shredded Cheese and Romaine 

Tender Short Rib Mole 

Cocoa, Chipotle and Spices 

Salads and Toppings 


Jicama Watercress Salad

​Mango, Citrus and Queso Fresco with Key Lime Vinaigrette 

Fresh Cherry Tomato Pico De Gallo

Onion,Cilantro, Lime and Jalepeno  

Mexican Street Corn Salad ​

Avocado Crema 

Shaved Brussel Sprout Slaw 

Radish, Jicama, Passionfruit Vinaigrette 

Roasted Poblano Buttermilk Ranch

Tropical Mango Salsa 

Tomatillo Salsa Verde 

Sweet Pickled Jalepeno Relish 

"Tapatio" Hot Sauce ​​